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Multipurpose Silicone Gloves

Multipurpose Silicone Gloves

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Don’t let that harsh detergent spoil your beautiful hands!

Is it better to wear gloves or not, especially during this pandemic? Many people have asked themselves this question as they began a stack of dinner dishes or prepared to face heavy-duty cleaning duties. But, when it comes to dishwashing and cleaning, do you really require gloves?

It might not be such a horrible idea after all. Wearing gloves while washing dishes or doing other household chores has advantages, whether you don't have a dishwasher or prefer to wipe plates and glasses by hand as you use them.

Of course, the purpose of wearing our multipurpose silicone gloves when doing dishes or cleaning is to protect your hands, and they do a fantastic job of it on many levels.



To begin with, these gloves might provide some protection from any sharp things you may be washing. It can help protect already sensitive skin from becoming even more irritated if you have a cut, blister, or burn. These multipurpose silicone gloves can also assist in reducing your exposure to harsh chemicals or skin irritants if you have a cleaning job that requires them.

Other Key Benefits:

A) Not just for dishwashing, these incredible silicon gloves can be used while,


  • Cleaning your car
  • Treating laundry stains
  • Washing baseboards
  • Cleaning your shower
  • Scrubbing your toilet
  • Cleaning outdoor furniture
  • Cleaning out the fridge

B) ALL-AROUND MITTS THAT ARE DURABLE AND REUSABLE: That's not all! It's also made of premium quality food-grade silicone materials, which are naturally superior to other sponge and dishwashing cloth materials. So easy to slip in and out of your fingers, and they fit wonderfully on your hands.


C) There's no need to buy a scrub when our multipurpose silicone gloves have a built-in scrubber to wipe and clean all unclean dishes and kitchen items.


D) HEAT RESISTANT 320 MITTENS: It can be used to protect your hands from getting burned from spills from cooking, grilling and handling hot pot/pans, and yet safe from heat buildup since you can use it with boiling water or microwave.


E) ERGONOMIC DESIGN, NONSLIP SURFACE: Our multipurpose silicone gloves (13.5" x 5 Inches) are flexible that can fit most hands with medium and large sizes. With inner round bumps on the mitts that provide secured fitting in your hands and won’t slip down + longer cover until below the wrist, to protect your skin from any hot contact. 



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